My on-again/off-again relationship with gaming

Gaming and I, we go way back. Back to the days when I would play Atari 2600 with my brothers (when they would let me). Back to the arcades I would occasionally get to visit when out with my parents. Back to the NES my dad bought the family the first time we saw it in a store. Back to the Christmas when I received a Sega Master System, the first system that was bought specifically for me (though I later would inherit all of the family’s systems as well). Yup, gaming and I are old friends.

Like old friends, there are times when gaming and I fall out of touch with one another. I get involved with other things that take up my time. Work. Friends. Pets. An so on.

Lately, I’ve become very interested in gaming. I’m even trying to make a gamer out of my best friend so that I have someone else to play with.

Part of my renewed interest in gaming means that I’m going to reinvest in this blog. It’s been sitting dormant for too long.

So, if you happen upon my little blog, be sure to check back. I’ll be adding content soon.


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