The Adventures of Chris

So, I’ve been active on forums, Twitter, and YouTube recently. Here on the blog, not so much. Need to rectify that.

For now, here are the first four parts of my Let’s Play series of videos for The Adventures of Chris on the OUYA.


New capture device

So, I bought an AVerMedia Came Capture HD II and tried it out tonight with Double Dragon Trilogy (the OUYA version, played on my M.O.J.O.).

Now that I can record video (and commentary, if I so choose), I plan on doing some reviews. I hope to look at some OUYA games first, including some games I’m really excited about, such as Dex.

We’ve got a thing that’s called OUYA love

So, I’ve been playing a lot of OUYA recently (at least, in comparison to the attention I’ve been giving Steam, my Xbox 360, and my PS3). It has me more interested in writing about gaming again, as well as has piqued my interest in learning game design.

Anyway, I should be updating the blog soon with some reviews soon, along with any inane gaming-related musings I may have. Oh, and I really mean “soon” this time, unlike the “soon” in my last post here . . .