More captures

Tested out a couple┬ámore systems. Below are videos from my RGB-modded Intellivision and my FM sound-modded Sega Master System (both captured via SCART converted to HDMI). Because my capture card only accepts video at 720p or 1080p, the aspect ratio is wrong for the Intellivision capture. I ran into the same issue with the SMS capture, but I edited it in Adobe Premiere Elements to fix the aspect ratio issue (I’ll need to do this with all the videos I capture via SCART in the future).

Now that I have some proficiency with my capture device, I plan on doing some Let’s Play and review videos. I was going to do a Let’s Play video for The Adventures of Chris on the OUYA, but my capture device considers all video output from the OUYA to be protected content and won’t record it. I think I may be able to get around this, though, by recording from my M.O.J.O. (I was able to record the Double Dragon footage without issue).